About the Mizan Series

The Mizan Series is published by the Ilex Foundation in partnership with the Center for Hellenic Studies and distributed through Harvard University Press. The series supports the central mission of the Mizan digital initiative to make research into the history, culture, and religion of Muslim societies and civilizations accessible to and relevant for a contemporary audience.

All manuscripts are reviewed by the Ilex Foundation Editorial Board, and publication is subject to the Board’s approval. Please ensure that your manuscript complies with the Manuscript Guidelines outlined in the Guidelines for Preparation of Manuscripts.

The Editorial Board reserves the right to request revisions to all manuscripts prior to final acceptance for publication. Such revisions must be completed in a timely manner as stipulated by the Editorial Board.

Authors are responsible for obtaining permission to publish any materials or images under copyright.

Authors of manuscripts accepted for publication will be contacted at an early stage in the production process to discuss arrangements for the preparation of indices, if required.

Downloads for Authors:

Proposal Questionaire Guidelines for Preparation of Manuscripts
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